Our Story

It's all about the experience...

It all started with a vision to make traveling within the reach and means of everyone, and to transform every trip into an unforgettable life experience that brings joy and amusement – even if it was just another business trip. Traveling is not just about hopping on a plane or checking into a hotel; it’s rather about the overall experience.

Founded and funded by a visionary investor who’s worked in the aviation and travel industries for over 30 years, Severals was established in Egypt to capitalize on the growing demand of corporate travel solutions in the Middle East and beyond. The company’s mission was to radically transform the corporate travel industry and create unrivalled travel experiences for business executives.

A major player in Egypt’s travel market, Severals serves to redefine corporate travel by offering a launching pad for refined travel solutions and airline ancillary services. The company has paired the best in technology with human expertise and passion to transform the concept of traveling. Driven by best-in-class technology and a team of industry experts, Severals offers distinguished travel solutions for modern-day business needs.


Book a flight that matches your schedule and budget from over 900 airlines.


Choose a hotel in your most convenient location from over 2.5 million choices.


Schedule a ride or rent a car from over 250 ground transportation companies.


Explore your destination through one of our 60,000 tours and attractions.


It's all about agility, reliability and the world's best travel deals...

Today’s business world is as demanding as ever and time is always scarce. That’s why we developed a novel platform that uses human and artificial intelligence to make every travel-related product and service available with a click of a button. Our website and mobile app are powered by a platform that employs the latest technologies and supported by experienced travel agents to support you anytime, anywhere.

Severals’ platform is trusted by more than 300 million users around the world, and it’s not just because of its reliability and round-the-clock support. We’ve teamed up with the world’s best airlines, hotels, and travel wholesalers to guarantee the most convenient bookings and lowest online prices. Moreover, we ensure you’re always getting the best deal and greatest service.


At Severals we’re on a mission to empower, inspire, guide, and support travelers around the world. We’ve used the world’s most advanced technologies, partnered with the best airlines and hotels, and employed the very best travel agents to do just that with passion, expertise and agility.


We envision a world where travel is accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere. We envision a world where anyone can journey the globe and enjoy a seamless travel experience. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, we believe that traveling should always be easy, amazing, and affordable.

It's always about you

We're on a journey to empower you, support you, inspire you, and guide you

Traveling for business can be convenient and comfortable when it’s tailored to your busy schedule and specific needs. We work round the clock to customize your perfect business trip without any hassle and ensure you’re always empowered, supported, inspired and guided.


We empower you to enjoy every minute and to experience traveling like never before.


We inspire you to live every moment and explore new places, cultures, and activities.


We guide you wherever you may be to discover more and make the most of your trip.


We support you throughout every step of your trip to ensure everything goes as planned.